Hey guys!!! Motivation is something that we all want and love to have. It’s like a booster that gives us instant energy to do our tasks. Motivation is sometimes necessary to get our tasks done. Motivation, if used correctly can make our lives extraordinary. So today, let’s learn something about Motivation in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Motivation is simply the condition of being eager to act or work. This eagerness can come from two different ways. First is Internal and second is External.

1. Internal Motivation: It’s the motivation that comes from inside. It’s something that we have to build with awareness of our actions. It’s like when a kid eat vegetables not because he can’t get junk foods but because he knows and is aware of the outcomes of eating vegetables and junk foods.

Being aware of what we are doing and having a clear sense of outcomes of our actions give us internal motivation. This motivation doesn’t need any external reward. Internal motivation is when you feel like you HAVE to do this work.

2. External Motivation: It’s a type of motivation that someone gives to you. You get it from someone else or from outside materials. It’s when a kid is forced to eat vegetables because if he eats them, he gets to eat junk food. Here, the kid gets motivation from outside. It’s a reward based motivation.

You see something, you feel like you should have it, and you use that desire as your motivation and start working.

Internal motivation is something that gets you far in life. Internal motivation doesn’t end. It just comes and fuels you for doing your work. On the contrary, external motivation is something that is temporary. It doesn’t last long. It may give you a push but after that, it’s all you who either uses that push or leave that. Internal motivation is like an engine of your car. It gives you energy always. You just have to fuel that engine with right awareness.

Like, let’s say the kid gets to eat a junk food everytime he eats vegetables. What happens if he is fed up of the junk food he was given? Or what happens if he stops liking junk food? Will he still eat vegetables? Not until he has built his awareness towards health benefits of eating vegetables. We are humans and we do everything for a purpose. If you remove it, we won’t do anything.

So, external motivation can help you for a limited time (until you get the desired thing) but once you get your desired thing, you won’t feel like doing the work anymore. This happens everywhere in our world. Internal motivation, on the other hand, can get you far in life since this doesn’t need any material. This just comes from you.

As Motivation can come from two different ways, it also has different kinds. So, there are mainly two kinds of motivation which are the following:

3. Negative Motivation: It’s the motivation you get when you fear the outcomes of your laziness. Like, A student who doesn’t like maths studies it because he is afraid of the outcomes of not studying it. He is using his fear of failure as motivation. He studies but only for getting passed or being comfortable with maths. Here, you use your fear as motivation to do the task. Something we do in the stressed situation.

4. Positive Motivation: It’s a motivation you get when you think of the positive outcomes of what you are doing. Like, there is a boy who studies maths because he wants to be better at it. He wants to excel the maths. This is a positive motivation. Here, you use the benefits as motivation.

Both of them are confusing but very important to understand. One of them only works when the situation gets tensed whereas the other one works in any situation since you are focused on the benefits.

On the above example, both the boys are studying maths but the first one is studying for passing it where on the other hand, the second boy is studying because he wants to be better at it. Both are getting motivated but the second guy has higher chances of success because he wants to excel maths. He is using the benefits of studying as his motivation.

People who use negative motivation as a tool to go higher in life don’t go anywhere and stop at some point because they do work just to get comfortable or just to get the desired result. What if they get comfortable in their life? Would they get the energy to go ahead? No. So, you should use positive motivation as a tool to go higher in life.

Try to use something like “Positive Internal Motivation“. A motivation that comes from yourself. A motivation that doesn’t come from fear of failure. Try to understand the difference between all the motivations and use them to benefit you in long term.

To Conclude:

1. There are four types of motivation.
2. Internal, External, Positive, and Negative.
3. Motivation like Negative and External don’t get you far in life. They end at a certain point.
4. Motivation like Positive and Internal help you achieve your goals in long term.
5. If you want to succeed far in life, try to use Positive and Internal Motivation as a tool to boost you.
6. Try to understand the difference of motivation you currently use and try to change them if you really want to.

Alright, this is it for today. Make sure to hit the like button for me. Subscription is free so you can have that too. Comment if you have anything in your mind. Use positive internal motivation in your life. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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