Hey guys!!! Being open minded is a very good thing. An open minded attitude helps you to grow in every area of life. Being open minded also helps you learn about things every time and see things from different perspectives. I see people using this term a lot without even realising this term fully so today, let’s learn what does open mindset truly mean in our favourite, Expeknow style.

Being open minded means to be flexible. Being open minded means to be always ready to learn or add something new in your perspective. An open minded attitude means to change yourself at any time. Open mindset is not about accepting the lastest trends and beliefs, it’s about choosing the best belief according to the data you have got.

Suppose for you, getting a girlfriend is very bad before the age of 21. You believe that building our career first is more important than having a girlfriend before 21. Now, suppose someone tells you the importance of having multiple relationship experience in your life and having girlfriends as a learning process of your life, how would you behave?

Well, a closed minded guy would surely disagree with all the points presented to him without even analysing them. He would just neglect the guy and criticize him for having a girlfriend with his points. He will just follow his ego and his beliefs.

On the other hand, an open minded guy would analyse the points presented to him with his previous points. He will choose the most suitable perspective and follow that. For him, it’s not about who is right, it’s about what is right.

Being open minded is all about that. It’s about what is right. Even if you are one of the most intellectual human beings in this world, if you are open minded, you will always try to learn something new everyday from everyone. No matter who the person is, you will always try to listen them and analyse what they are saying.

On the other hand, being closed minded stops you from changing yourself. It just makes you follow what you have been taught in your life. Closed minded people just know what they know. They just listen what they want to listen and learn what they really want to learn. No matter what the other person is saying to them, they just follow what they have been taught.

If you are a clay then your knowledge shapes you. According to this, a closed minded person is shaped into something and never change itself. Like, if he is shaped into a pot, he would stay as a pot his entire life. Where on the other hand, an open minded person would change his shape constantly according to the data he is gathering. This is what makes an open minded guy different from a closed minded guy.

Now, it’s not easy to be open minded always but we can atleast be open minded while listening to people. Even I feel like somewhere I am being closed minded in my life but I try to identify that area and try to control that. You can do that too.

Next time, when someone tells you something about his belief, try not to judge him before he is finished. Learn to listen him carefully, analyse whatever he is saying, ask why he thinks that way, tell him what you think about this topic, again analyse both the perspectives, go with what’s right and follow that. Don’t just follow your ego. If you think your belief is wrong, leave that belief and go with the new one.

Often times, you would neglect the other person just because you wanted to see yourself as a right guy. This is not something that you should do. Don’t follow your ego. Learn to listen to everyone’s point of view and accept what you think is right according to all the information gathered if you want to be open minded.

To conclude:

1. Open mindset is about being flexible with what you believe is right.
2. Open mindset is about believing in what is right rather than who is right.
3. Being open minded helps you see things from different perspectives.
4. Closed mindset is like believing what you have been taught your entire life.
5. To be open minded, learn to listen and see both sides of the coin. Learn to analyse and respect the opposite belief. Choose what is right not who is right.

Alright, this is it. I hope you learned something new today. Make sure you comment whatever you think about this blog and subscribe to our newsletter to get these amazing blogs in your inbox. Be an open minded person. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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