Hey guys!!! Passion is one of the most used word when it comes to success. We all say and somehow believe that passion is what we need to succeed in any field. But, is it completely right? Does passion mean success? Well, I don’t think that passion is the key to success. Today, let’s find out what does passion truly mean in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Passion is love for something. Passion is what we can do whole day and night. Passion isn’t something that needs money or attention, it just needs you. A passion is something you can do without any reward. Doesn’t matter whether you are poor or rich, busy or free, frustrated or happy, you will do that work because you are passionate about it. You love to do it. It’s how you represent yourself. It’s how you feel joy.

Suppose someone has a passion to dance. This means that he danced everytime in his life. He danced when he wasn’t even aware of what dancing was and he danced when he learnt skills too. It’s his passion so he dances. He dances even when people are making his fun or praising him. He dances even when he is tired or he is sad. He dances whenever he wants and wherever he wants. This is what I call passion. It sounds like madness but for me, madness means passion.

If you are truly mad about something. If you can do something when no one is watching you, no one is complimenting you and no one is giving you money for that, this is the state when you can confidently say “Yes, it’s my passion“. This is the ultimate level of love for a work. If you can get this state with something, you can do that work anytime, anywhere and with anyone. You don’t need money when you follow your passion. You don’t need rest when you follow your passion. Your passion gives you the fun, peace and happiness.

On the other hand, we have ability. This is what looks practical. I don’t know about passion but ability is what most people have. They just mismatch their ability with their passion. Ability is your strength. Ability is something that can sometimes make you tired and can become boring but it’s something which can make you rich and different from others. Your abilities are something that can make you stronger in something. That can take you far in life. That can make you rich.

Passion is not for money. There are very few people who have converted their passion into a business so don’t think that it’s an easy path. It isn’t even certain path. On the other hand, ability is certainly result maker. Ability or let’s say, strength in any field can take you far in life. Your abilities can make you rich in life. Your passion can give you satisfaction in life. Both the things are important in life. Money can certainly not give you peace and peace isn’t everything in today’s world. So, try to understand the importance of both the things.

Think about these things too. We love to say that we have passion but there are very few who know the real meaning of passion. They may have ability but passion is what very few people have. I can say that I do have passion to improve myself. My passion, for now, is to improve myself as much as I can. That’s why I take major steps nowadays. Find yours and live it. Peace is also necessary. When you will be on your death bed, you should be able to say that “Yes, this is how I wanted to live my life.” Nothing else will matter that day. It’s all about how you live your passions and your abilities.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got my point. I know some of these points won’t be right but these are my thoughts on this topic. If you have any doubts or suggestions, make sure to comment. Drop a like. Subscribe to my newsletter for giving me a smile. Live your passion your abilities. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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