Hey guys! Everyone in this world has a purpose or goal. We all have different goals to achieve in our life. It could be a career goal, a family goal, a relationship goal, a study goal and list doesn’t end. But, have you ever thought what makes a goal more approachable? Today, let’s find out the answer of this question in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Now, suppose you are a poor boy whose family has to give the house rent tomorrow morning at any cost. Your father is in hospital, your mother doesn’t have that much money and your siblings are too small to work. Now, What will you do in this situation? Let me tell you, you will go and try to do any work possible to earn that money so that you can give rent. This may seem a bit strange but believe me, I’ve seen several cases like that.

Now, let’s consider another example. You are born in a rich family. Your father has lots of money and you are the only son of your family. Now tell me, how hard would you work to achieve your goal in this situation? You won’t. Even if you consciously say you will, you won’t. Why? Because you are born in a rich family. We do things for a reward and a result but here you will get anything you want without any effort. So, why will you work if you can get results in free? (Here, results mean money because we have goals in life to earn a good amount of money to survive and thrive in future)

The thing that gives you power to achieve your goal is the importance of your goal and the timeline to complete it. Yes, the importance of your goal and the timeline to complete it, is what gives you power to achieve it. If your goal is short and easy, you will achieve it easily. The importance comes with conditions or circumstance. The timeline to complete a goal gives a boost to complete a goal. the shorter the time, the more boost you get to complete your goals.

In our first scenario, we saw that the boy had only one day to earn his rent which means, He had a hard to achieve but very important goal with a very less time to complete it. So, he will do anything it would take to complete that goal.

On the other hand, in our next example, we saw that the boy was rich, so goal was not much important for him plus he had lots of time to complete it, which made the goal less important for him.

Would you study the day before exam or the month before exam? You will choose the second but most people do the first.

The whole point that I am trying to convey is that, A goal is never achieved when you don’t have a last time to complete it. A timeline, when added with a goal, gives wonderful results.

Why does it happen that some learn a language in a month or so and some take more then a year? Why does some people study everyday and some just before the exam?

Timeline or time to complete the task is the thing that gives you more power to achieve your goals. I am focusing on the word “timeline” because time is what makes a goal important. I know there are several factors like determination, motivation, hardworking and so on. I won’t go with these as these are already being explained.

Try giving a ‘specific time to complete‘ to your every short daily tasks. you will do them. And when you won’t, you will blame yourself for not doing them because they were easy and short tasks.

While writing this blog I got more ideas on this topic but I won’t write them here as they can make this blog lengthy.

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