Learning has been an important and life saving habit or skill in our world. Learning can make a person wealthy and increase his/her self-worth. But, have you ever thought that why only some become wealthy, why only some people are known as real learners, why do some people’s name is taken everywhere for motivation or what is the real definition of learning? Let’s find it out in this article.

I have heard thousands of people saying that learning is a skill, it is a habit or just an outcome of constant hardwork but for me learning is an attitude. Learning can never be stopped if one has a learning attitude.

For me, Learning means to take two different ideas, perspectives or things and convert them into a new one. Learning is not just remembering formulas, facts, theories or definitions. Learning simply means to take advantage of the resources you have and convert them into new one. (Yeah, even practice also means learning but that is what everyone knows).

So, you may think why it is so important to know it? let me tell you that when your teacher, facilitator, tutor or professor will teach you, they will just judge you on your remembering power or the ability to hold as much information as possible. They will never judge you on your skill to make something new. There are very few teachers who doesn’t do this. Even in your life if you have learned the attitude of learning you can get whatever you want whether that is peace, harmony, success, good friends or money. Now let’s elaborate the term ‘learning‘.

Before going any further ask your self a question : ‘have you ever made something new?’… (Here, something new means something that was truly your idea. You just made it because you got the vibe to make it.)

Give yourself some time to think on this question and after thinking just scroll it down.

Okay, So most of you will answer that I have made a modal, chart, story, poem, act, video, speech and so on. But you would have surely not given them your much attention. You wouldn’t have appreciated yourself for making something new. That’s the point where most of the people lack. We are so busy in completing our course that we don’t even give these things our attention. Let me tell you the truth, whatever you remember from your course will no longer make an impact on your future unless you use them in a meaningful way. If you think that your books can make a a millionaire then sorry, you are living in a lie. Books and courses are to give a blueprint or just a structure, it is always we who convert them into new ideas. If you still don’t believe it, go and check origin of some new inventions.

Everybody is a learner and we all learn something everyday and I am saying this because everybody has invented something. Believe it or not everybody has invented something in his/her life it could be anything but everybody has invented something. Think of the first people of this planet. Those people didn’t have any resources but they invented them after taking two or more resources available on that time. Like a wheel or fire. We all just learn something new everyday from people around us and that makes us human.

I am not saying anybody to just not learn anything from your course, I am telling you to use everything you learn as resource and make a new perspective, idea, invention, thought, thing or anything. I know it won’t be easy, it will surely be extremely hard to be on this path but remember the toughest road leads to the beautiful destination. Learning attitude is now important and needed by several MNCs. Learn them as soon as possible because it’s never to late.

Thanks for reading it, I hope you have got my experienced knowledge in this article. Sorry if you didn’t and if you have any question you can comment and don’t forget YOU ARE AWESOME.

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