Simply put, there is no equality between the effort you put and the amount of revenue YouTube gives.

When you put years of hard work into something, you would have a benchmark as to what will you expect to earn from it. You don’t get to expect that on YouTube as that platform is unstable. Sometimes you earn but often times you don’t. Some earn more without much doing and some even after putting all, earn nothing.

For any YouTube channel to come into existence, there are numerous hidden factors involved. Microphone, camera, editing software, Internet, editing skills, lightning, music, marketing, thumbnail creation, creativity, scripting, researching, and whatnot.

Also, if the channel is new, then don’t forget to add the months of hard work put into getting your first few thousand subscribers and your watch time. Sadly, this period becomes longer than months as this is the period when you ask people to watch your content and share it desperately.

When a YouTuber starts generating revenue, around half of it is taken by YouTube itself, and then there are costs related to camera, lighting, microphone, editing software (if it’s not cracked), and other miscellaneous costs. The leftover you get is your profit (Tada!)

You learn editing, content researching, thumbnail creation, audio editing and all sorts of skills and all you get is a little amount which itself is not stable because there is also yellow dollar or the worst, red dollar.

So, you put months of hard work to develop editing skills, years of hard work to grow your YouTube channel, and to find your target audience and all you get is not even equal to what you wanted or what you expected.

This is also the reason why YouTubers do brand promotion.
I won’t go into telling whether a brand promotion is good or bad as I have different opinions about it but the basic reason for the question is this.

Hence, YouTubers don’t feel satisfied with whatever they earn. That’s why people say that to be a YouTuber, you don’t have to think about money.

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