Hey guys! Marriages are something that we all do. We all will marry at a certain age which will last until our death. Choosing our partner is one of the most important decisions of our life. So today, let’s learn why arranged marriages are totally wrong and could be really bad while choosing a love partner. Let’s get into it in our favorite, Expeknow style!

A marriage, for me, is a life time commitment to stay with a person. A person who will help us, support us and love us.

For me, An arranged marriage is a marriage where you expect some qualities from a stranger. I know we get to know the other person before marriage but knowing someone’s personality fully, takes more then a year.

We all show the best and positive of us when we meet anyone. When it comes to marriage, we do the same. Look, In arranged marriages, both the individuals don’t get the time to know each other’s desires, needs, wants and qualities. They just get the overview or the upper layer of qualities of the person.

If you will look at the most of the divorce cases, you will observe that most of them were arranged marriages. For getting married with someone, you should know whether that person drinks or not, have control over his anger or not, have any drug addiction or not, have insecurities or not, have any psychological problem or not and so on. Do you think that just in one month, someone can tell you everything about him/her self?

It takes time to be open about ourselves with others. That particular time is something that we don’t get in arranged marriages. In any of the arranged marriages, none of the participants tell the other about their hunger for expensive things, sexual desires, how often do they want to make out, how often do they want to go on vacation and so on.

After the marriage, when all these realities come out, the marriage becomes loveless. The person involved try to run from partner instead of solving problems. And in most cases, they cheat.

So, in a nutshell, I would say to never go for an arranged marriage just because you think that someone else has a good arranged marriage. Most of the time it ruins the life of both the participants.

This is it for today. I hope you liked it. If I am wrong anywhere then make sure to tell me. If you like such content then subscribe us. Stay safe, stay tuned. This is Expeknow.

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