Hey guys! Feeling bored is really an unpleasant feeling. We do several things when we feel bored. Some play games, some watch TV shows, some go somewhere, some talk, some eat, some read, some sleep and list doesn’t end. Today, we are going to learn whether the feeling of boredom is important or not. So let’s learn about this in our favorite, Expeknow style.

Feeling bored is simply a state of feeling uninterested in surrounding. Earlier, we used to feel bored most of the time when we had holidays but now, we don’t feel bored because of the internet (Thanks internet!). Now, we live in a world of possibilities. We have everything now, whether you say shows, videos, songs, tutorials, online classes, funny movie, games etc. We are now surrounded by things that give us pleasure. Now, if you see any YouTube video, you will get lots of same videos based on the same topic.

Now, we all feed our mind with pleasure 24/7. We all see only those content which give us instant pleasure like comedy videos. Feeding a mind with pleasure almost always, increases its demand for another dose of pleasure. We start with the one and end with infinity. Take example of the time when you first start to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. people start with drinking only once and then they gradually increase the amount of drinks. And when they finally don’t get any, they start doing unusual things like going for drugs or being angry on things.

People now don’t want to be bored and that’s what they are missing. Feeling bored sometimes is also a part of our growth. Boredom is not just a feeling, it tells you the importance of small pleasures. Try this, go on YouTube and see a video that you never wanted to see or sit in a silence with no one for some hours. This will make you bored and that’s the time when you will understand the importance of small pleasures around. When we feel bored, we try to observe things, think about future, we try to do something new and so much more.

We miss lots of things just because we feel BORED. Have you ever left any lecture just because it was BORING? or left reading something just because that was lengthy and BORING? Well, I did that mistake and I missed lots of things. People now don’t talk to themselves. They just want to be entertained. Now, we just don’t want to be bored. Lots of people are running after short term pleasure. This is the reason why funny videos are on trending pages. I am not saying that watching funny videos or getting pleasure is a crime, No! I am saying that feeling happy almost always is a wrong thing. When you feel happy always, you get angry or bored almost always you get small pleasures and that’s the time you can miss some important things.

We should not run from boredom always. We should accept it and feel it too. This is something that tells the importance of small things in our life.

Try yourself. Go and see a video that is very boring like a lecture of the opposite of what you learn. Now, while you see that video, observe how many times you see when this video is going to end. This will tell you where you stand. If you see when that video will end more then 3 times, you should observe that you are feeling bored. To conclude, I would say that try to be bored sometimes and embrace that feeling. Don’t always run from it. Make a balance in your life.

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