Hey guys!!! Your attitude towards the situation of life makes a huge impact on your mental health. I know that not every situation of our life can be right but if we look at the difficulties from a different perspective, it can make an impact on our behaviour, thinking and actions. Difficulties are everywhere in our life. We can’t be free from them but if we can just make a change in our perspective, we can hopefully learn from them and accept them. So today, let’s learn why changing our perspective towards a problem is important in our favourite, Expeknow style!

A problem is easy to ignore but hard to solve in our lives. We all suffer through something. Suppose someone just started a business and invested a lot of money in it but after few months, it failed miserably and he had to close the whole business. Now, there are two things that will happen after that. One, the society will say that he didn’t know how the business works, he was a kid, he just wanted to succeed with no information, he should’ve applied for a job, he should, he could and blah blah blah.

Second, since these things would be going around, the boy would start thinking that he was actually wrong, he shouldn’t have started that business, he was just going with the flow without any skills and lots of other things. This thing will make the guy negative and he will lose his self confidence a lot just because of It. Also, because of this self doubt, he may never be able to start another business and maybe he would just settle in life. At worst, maybe he would commit suicide since these things causes a lot of suicides.

I heard this in a Self help video that “If you think you are right, you are right. If you think you are wrong, you are also right.” This is really powerful and meaningful at the same time. In Life, if you think that you know something and you did something right, you are right but if you think or you are being influenced into thinking that you were wrong, you are also right. You will accept the fact that you were wrong since people influenced you into thinking that you were wrong. Maybe you were right but people made you wrong.

Your believes, values and choices are always right. What you have done is done. You can’t change anything you have done. If you have taken any step in your life and it has gone wrong, don’t blame yourself now. This is a huge problem today. People are living in their past mistakes. They still blame themselves just because of the one step they took which went wrong. Let me tell you, the lose you had was nothing. You still have you. You are still alive. What else do you want? You still have You. Think about this. Your value is greater then the loss.

Even if the step you took was wrong, you still learnt something. In our case, the boy still got to learn about how business works, he learnt the importance of planning, he made connections with similar people, he, for the first time, did something that made him responsible. Though he lost all his money, he still has the connection and maybe with those people, he can again make a business modal. Do you know how to have limitless opportunities? Just knock the every god damn door there is.

If you think that you made mistake and did that thing wrong, you are right. If you think the opposite, you are also right. So, your perspective can be changed easily and it can make you feel better about your past mistakes. No mistake is a mistake unless it is considered as a mistake. Even if you did something wrong, you still would have got something that you wouldn’t have got without doing that work. Identify that thing and feel proud about that. Forget the loss, focus on rewards. There is nothing wrong. Be positive about everything you have done because if you think you are wrong, you are right.

So, to conclude:

1. Don’t think that you have made a mistake.
2. Learn to accept the consequences.
3. Control your part in the mistake. You can just control the 50% of a situation and rest 50% depends on others so, have control over those 50%.
4. Focus on the rewards, not on the loss.
5. Change your attitude towards problems.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got the idea which I wanted to share. I have been using it from weeks and the results are awesome. Like this post. Comment anything you have and subscribe to my newsletter for blogs like this in your inbox. Learn to focus on rewards. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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