Hey guys!!! Competition is something we all do with someone at some point of life. It can be at office, school, friend circle, among relatives, society, etc. We do competition with someone to feel superior and to prove that we are stronger then them. So, is competition really a good thing? Should we do it? Should we compete with people? Today, let’s discuss something about competition in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Competition is completely useless in our life. Competition with people stops us from growing and being better. Competition may provide you momentary satisfaction of being superior but sooner or later, someone will definitely come and complete with you again. Competition is a lose-lose game.

Suppose you are competing with a student in your class. He is smarter then you so you are trying to be smarter then him. Let’s say, you became smarter then him. Now you are the smartest guy in your class but you see that there are more smart students in other classes. Now, you try to be smarter then them. Let’s say, here also you became the smartest student. You went for a game outside and saw that there are more smarter students. This will again tell you to be smarter then them. Now, would you be able to survive this loop and still feel happy? Don’t you think that someone from somewhere will come tomorrow and be smarter then you? What’s the fun of being smart if you can’t even enjoy being it. What’s the meaning if you are just competing with people around you whole day?

This is why competition is not good. It’s just for kids. People who are mature know that competition is never gonna end. It’s an endless loop. You just go into and and never come back. So what’s the solution to it? How can we not compete with people and still develop ourselves.

The solution for this game is to compete with yourself. Try to break your own records instead of someone else’s. This is very powerful if implemented. You can be really powerful just by competing with yourself daily. Always try to be better then who you were yesterday. There are 7 billion people and you know that this life isn’t enough to compete with all of them. Instead of competing with 7 billion, compete with 1. The one you have in you.

Don’t be who you were, be who you want to be. Always try to improve yourself. Competition can never end. It’s an endless loop. When you compete with yourself, you break your own records. This makes you powerful and self confident. When you compete with yourself, the world doesn’t matter to you. You are busy in completing with yourself. You are breaking your own records and pushing your own limits.

Competing with yourself also have other benefits one of which is that you get to set new records. Suppose there is a person who competes with a guy who let’s say, does 100 pushups at a time. Let’s say the guy has done 101 pushups. What will happen after that? Will he improve more? No. He will find happiness in that without realising that there is much more left. Maybe he was born to set a new record for world but because he was into competition game, he stopped at 101 pushups.

Now, suppose a person is competing with himself. This means that he will continue this until the day he dies because it will create a loop. Through this loop, this guy can set new records because his motivation doesn’t come from outside. It’s inside. Remember internal and external motivation? Read that here if you haven’t already.

In many areas of life, competition can be a good thing but not in every area. Competition can be a good starter for someone who is trying to be better. It can provide some instant positivity but if you are relying on it completely, it can make your life hell. At the end of the life we all want peace. We all want to feel satisfied with everything we have achieved. If you are in this game of competing remember that peace doesn’t come to those who compete with others. Peace comes to those who compete with themselves.

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