Have you ever heard a quote like “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” Or “A man is made of his daily thoughts.” These are some of the popular quotes. We often read quotes and get motivated but when it comes in real life we say that these things don’t represent the reality. So today, let’s learn something about these quotes and why do they don’t work in our life in expe-know style.

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Now, let’s take an example, suppose today you started to go to gym to be fit. Now, at the first day you got a lot of motivation by doing some exercise and getting some instant result but gradually you started losing faith because you didn’t get any big impact. What do you think would happen next? Yes, you will quit and started living your normal life and will start accepting that this is what I have got.

Now tell me, isn’t it true that we often start to do something new and quit. Take any another example from your life. Ask yourself “How many things have you started doing this year and stopped for any reason?” I am sure there is a number. Now, if you go one step forward you will get that the things you stopped doing were mostly long term tasks. We leave things behind and stop doing them because we don’t get any result or you say any reward.

Now, this is what happens when you read a motivational quote and start doing things. When you read something motivational, you get some extra will power. Now, after some time that vanishes and you come in your normal state again and you start blaming that these things are just false.

Life is a long journey and what do you think that making life great means? Making your life great means that you will have to take a long path. In the road of self betterment there is no shortcut. There is no blog, video, book, friend, trainer, teacher, person that can make your life greater. In our world, Quotes are the principle of human life. Quotes are not something that is the result of a day or two, it is an outcome of the experience of an individual’s whole life. That’s the reason why they don’t show result in the starting.

Quotes are not something from mars or said by some aliens. They are said by people like you. Look, the most important thing in life is how you surround yourself. You learn 75% from what you have. What you have today will define your whole future. The people you sit with, the videos you see today, the books you read today or the exercise you do today will not show up the result today, they will show the result after 5 years.

Life is the greatest gift. It is the most valuable thing and you have got it for free. Use your time now so that it can benefit you later. Things doesn’t happen, they happen because we let them happen. In order to succeed in your life, you must eliminate short term pleasures and add some long term investment.

So, coming to the end, Motivational quotes don’t work because they are not made of a day and for every situation that’s why they don’t fit in some of our life circumstances. They are made of a life and a life is a long journey of ups and downs. For conclusion, we can say that quotes are the summary or the principle of one’s life.

I hope this makes sense. I think I was going off topic. Anyway, I would love to hear your words too. Just comment if you have any suggestion, doubt or query. Stay positive, stay strong and never forget to come here for more experienced knowledge.

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