Hey guys!!! We all struggle with something everyday. We all are somehow trying to solve a problem in our life. Whether it’s the problem of low confidence, over confidence, communication, managing emotions, anger management, self doubt and god knows what. While solving a problem of our daily life, we forgot one thing to do. Solving the problem from root. Not that √problem but solving the problem from the beginning. From the root cause. So today, let’s learn why it’s important to solve a problem from root in our favourite, Expeknow style!

A problem of, let’s say anger, is the problem which can’t be fixed by quick tips. Yeah, I know I have given you some quick tips on many fields. I think that those tips can be great for a short period but if you want to go for a long journey, you should fix a problem from the beginning. From the root cause. You should not rely on short term tips for long fix. You were born with an empty brain so whatever you are today, is all because of what you have learnt, taught, observed and soaked.

We all have problems. We all somehow try to overcome them. We do overcome them sometimes but sometimes, they just come again, Why? Because we solved the problem with a quick fix. You just made it workable for a while. Suppose you have a desease which can be cured by a therapy of 6 months long process but you can also choose to take medicines which can fix the problems for a day. Now, what would you choose to take? The medicine which can fix the problem for a day or the therapy which will take 6 months to fix the problem but can fix it for the lifetime?

Now, I know you will choose the second option since it’s the best for getting rid of desease and also, no one wants to eat medicine every other day, right? But, do we apply this thing with our problems too? Do we fix them deep enough so that they can never come back? Most people will say no. Well, you surely won’t fix them deeply if you can take the easier path and fix them for a while. Human brain is very good at it. It knows how to manipulate you into choosing the easiest path for yourself and still feel like you are the best. You need to solve this one too.

Every problem that you have, can easily be fixed for lifetime if only you can fix them from the root. Let’s say you have a problem of anger. You are very angry all the time and don’t know how to control it. This behaviour can be solved from the root by simply doing self discovery. By finding the reasons for it. For your behaviour. Why do you behave this way? What’s the reason behind it? What makes you angry often? What incident on your past has made you this? And a lot of such questions.

By just asking questions, you can reveal a lot about your behaviour. You can get to know yourself by writing everything somewhere. You all should solve a problem from the root so that even if you don’t do any practice for controlling your, let’s say anger, for a long time, you can still be calm in your whole life. You should fix it in a way so that it can never ever come back and fear you. Fight the demons as a demon. Remove them from yourself completely. Don’t ever let that problem come again in your life. How are you gonna do this? Well, by some self discovery and some self analysis.

A problem can’t be fixed by a quick tip. Even though I share them with all you guys but still, they are not for long term solution. They are just a quick fix. That is why they are called “Quick little tip“. They just fix a problem for a moment. The moment you stop following the tip, your problems come again. So, fixing them from root means eliminating the whole problem from your life. Now, you can fix a problem by also taking therapy or counselling. These are the easiest way to solve a problem. Counselling is very effective and it is based on these ideas. Counselling helps you understand the reason behind the way you behave and the way to cure that. So, search for these things if you think that something is really bothering your personal life. Fixing the problem from the root helps you to eliminate that problem until the day you die.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got my whole point. If there are any problems or questions, you can ask them by commenting. Drop a like. Subscribe to my newsletter for reading more of such awesome content. Fix the problem from the root. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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