Hey guys!!! Purpose is the engine that runs our body. Without a purpose, a person is like a car without an engine. A person who lives without a purpose is a person who has actually been toad in his whole life. When someone stops towing him, he stays where he is. Today, let’s learn why purpose is an important thing in our life in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Purpose is the ultimate goal of your life. It’s something noble enough for you to die for. It’s something for which you are ready to leave everything. It’s the end goal of your life. It’s what your life is about. A purpose is not something you can complete in a year or so, it’s something which is big enough to take your whole life. It’s something which gives you energy to work everyday.

Having a purpose grounds you. It makes you productive and a visionary. It gives you power to wake up everyday and chase your goal. Having a purpose makes you super productive. It gives you success in the field you are working. Having a purpose in your life makes you unstoppable since you are ready to do anything for your purpose. You are even ready to die for it.

Not living a life with purpose is not gonna work when you want to succeed badly. If you don’t have a purpose and you are working in a field, how will you defeat the one who is willing to die for the work he is doing? How will you compete with him? Someone who is willing to die for his work is the beast. He is the one who is unstoppable. He is the one who can’t be beaten easily.

Also, not having a purpose will never make you great. It will never make you successful. Being great takes a lot of hardwork, it takes everything you have and more. People say it’s easy but it isn’t. Being great takes every bit of you and without a purpose, giving every bit of ourselves to a work is impossible.

When you have a purpose, you build mastery in a field which is the quality very few has. This is what will make you successful in that field since you have devoted your whole life into this work. Can a person who just takes Monday to Friday coaching will defeat you? Definitely not. No one can defeat you in the field where you have devoted your whole life. This is why having a purpose in your life is important.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got everything I said. Find a purpose because if you are the one who wants to succeed, this is the first requirement for it. So, make sure you search about it because this is not something which can be summed up in a blog. Drop a like. Share this blog if you find it helpful and subscribe to my newsletter for bringing a smile on my face. Find you purpose. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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  1. Amazing blog post! 🙂 I agree, especially where you said, “having a purpose in life makes you unstoppable since you are ready to do anything for your purpose. You are even ready to die for it.” I believe that the two most important days in your life is the day you are born and the day you find out why. He who has a ‘Why’ (Reason for living), can endure almost any ‘How’ (Means of accomplishment)

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