Hey guys!!! Going into relationships is an easy thing but staying their for a long time can be hard. People think that having relationship at a young age is unacceptable in society and this is something they shouldn’t do. But, are relationships really bad? Should we not go in them? Well, I think that they aren’t bad as long as you are learning things from them. So today, let’s learn why having multiple relationship experience is good in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Having multiple relationship experience makes you better at choosing your life partner. Most of the poeple, in this era of social media, are running after looks. They don’t even know the real dynamics of relationships and at the end, when they marry, they complain that their partner isn’t good. They don’t realise that the problem is theirs.

Most of the poeple think that we all have someone special in this world with whom we will marry. This ideology screw ourselves when we go through a break-up. We, first of all, don’t come from sexual abundance and secondly, we don’t get that there is no special one for anyone.

Having sexual abundance means to come from a place where you can easily date anyone. This makes your mind think that, since you have a lot of options, even if this girl/guy leaves me, I can still be happy. Break-up is not something that can destroy your life, nothing has power to destroy you unless you give them the power. If you have sexual abundance and options in opposite sex around you, you don’t go in relationship since there are a lot of girls left to do relationship with. You go into a relationship only when you think that this is the only girl I can get. When you think that this person is the only person I can get, you go into a relationship. And when you think that this person is not special, you don’t go into relationships that easily.

Also, understand that there is no special one in our life. We get this ideology mostly from media and movies. You should accept that there is no special one for anyone. We all have to adjust for something in a relationship. We can’t get everything from it. When you understand that there is no special one, coming out from a relationship becomes easy and you approach relationships more as a learning process about yourself and your needs related to relationships rather then going into relationships for finding our love partner.

Have multiple relationship experience because it makes you aware of your personal needs from relationship, your own relationship handling techniques, your communication skills with opposite sex, your way of showing affection, your way of resolving conflicts in a relationship and way of negotiating in relationship.

Rather then going into relationships for love and a sense of completeness, go into relationships for learning about yourself. This will make you a strong, masculine or feminine guy/girl when it will come to attract opposite sex. Also, when you have multiple relationship experience, you tend to stop yourself from going into unnecessary relationships. Why? Because you have gone into a lot of them and you know how to get into them so eventually, you have achieved sexual abundance.

Also, having multiple relationship experience makes you aware of what attracts you so that you can fix that issue and don’t just run after that attraction. Like, if someone has attraction towards someone’s beauty, he/she can eliminate or control that attraction so that in future, when it comes to choosing the ultimate life partner, it can be easy to make a wise choice. So, try to see what you are attracted to, what are your weak points, how you can eliminate them and how can you remove distractions. Create a life where you have sexual abundance so that you don’t need to go in a relationship just by thinking that this is the only girl made for me.

To conclude, make sure to have multiple relationship experience before going into a serious relationship, find your weak points and what you are attracted to, eliminate your weaknesses, have sexual abundance and learn to understand the dynamics of relationships because people who don’t even know how to wipe their back after shitting are going into serious relationships.

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  1. Hi Atul ,this is quite wonderful but can you tell me how it works when it hurts,having multiple relationship , it seems like incomplete from all the aspects except that one has sexual abundance specially for a person who is more on emotional side

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