Hey guys!!! Failure is a part of life. Neither we can deny its existence nor we can avoid it. Sooner or later, everyone has to face failures. The thing that makes the difference is how do you take the failure. The way you approach failures determine its impact on you. So today, let’s learn why last failure doesn’t exist in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Failure is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. Last failure is the condition where if you fail, you lose everything. And by everything, I mean Everything.

Last failure doesn’t exist because technically we can’t lose everything until the day we die. We may lose some parts or aspects of our life but losing everything is not possible.

Failure in life is inevitable. We have to face it sooner or later. Since we have to face failures someday, why can’t we just open our minds so that they can’t destroy us? Failures should be taken as a chance to look back at our mistakes and fix them rather than an excuse for quitting thing. Now, let’s see how last failure would affect a person’s life.

Let’s say there is a person who is trying to be a cricketer. He has been practicing cricket from years and he has tremendous skills. The only thing he wanted was to clear a short test and become a cricketer. He went to give the test but he failed in that exam.

Now, what would a person like him, who has given his whole life to cricket, will think? If he is not open to failures, he will firstly be very angry for getting that results, he will then have suicidal tendencies, he may start taking some drugs or alcohol to reduce tension, he may get depression and many different things.

These things are not imaginary and they do happen. Just because of one failure, people end their lives. These things happen when you give your whole life to something and at the end, you don’t get anything.

Coming back to point, the thing I am saying is that it was never a failure for that person. He had tremendous skills which he could have developed even more and if he was truly passionate about being cricketer, he could have found the mistakes he did in his exam so that he can pass it next time.

Now, let’s say it was really his last chance. He cannot give that exam again and his dream has died. In this case, he can just accept the fact. He can embrace his failure. Now, there is no option except accepting the failure so why not accept it?

He could just accept the failure and the fact that he cannot be a cricketer now. He can now be a coach or a state player or just increase his contacts. Since he has tremendous skills, he will one day meet the person who will give him a chance.

Like I have said in my previous blog, there is always something good in everything bad. It’s how life works. Focusing on bad won’t give anything except pain so why don’t we focus on good? Why don’t we just see new things we.can do in your life after a failure?

Life is not just a career or an exam, it’s much more than that. You have family, friends, relationship partner, your skills, your life, your learnings and most importantly, You. You still have You. This is enough.

As long as you have You, you can’t lose everything. There is a great quote I remember which says “This is people not things that you lose.” You can change your whole life by just one concious decision. Why to end your life for one failure if you can still do one hundred things?

Most people who suicide just can’t bear that one failure they faced. You have to understand that last failure doesn’t exist as long as you have you. You are enough. No failure should have the power to break your will. So, try to embrace failure and find something positive out of everything negative.

In life, there is always an alternative way to achieve our goals. Focus on the way which is still open not the way which is closed. So, the bottom line is that, you can’t really fail in life as long as you have you. There is always something good you can do. Try not to get demotivated by failures. Look back at them and fix them rather than quitting.

To Conclude:

1. Everyone face failures but the way we deal with them is what determines their impact on our life.
2. We can’t lose everything until the day we die.
3. Failures should be taken as a chance to look back at our mistakes and fix them rather than an excuse for quitting things.
4. There is always something good in everything bad. Try to find the good in everything bad.
5. Focusing on bad doesn’t give anything except regret so try to focus on good.
6. As long as you have You, you can’t lose anything.
7. If one concious decision can change your complete life then why to end life for one stupid failure.
8. Don’t ever let one failure break your will.
9. There is always an alternative way to achieve your goals.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got my point. If you have anything to add, you can comment down there. Like this post. Share it with someone who needs it. Subscribe to my newsletter for getting updates of our latest blogs. Embrace failure. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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