Hey guys! Love is a very strong feeling of affection toward someone. This is something that everyone wants. Whenever we go into a relationship, we try to be loved and give love as much as possible. But still, love ends after marriage. Sometimes after it and sometimes before. So why does it happen? Let’s find it out in our favorite, Expeknow style.

For understanding it, we must first understand the true reason for marrying someone. The answer of this question would simply be: There shouldn’t be any reason to marry someone except friendship. Yes, if you marry someone with a reason for getting love, companionship, sex, money, care, time etc. You will end up hating that person as soon as the reason dies.

Suppose you married a hot girl because of her looks. She has perfect dressing sense, a style, perfect body, and good face. You are exited to stay with her. Now, you married her stayed with her happily for about 3 years but after that, your marriage life started breaking. You started to judge that very same girl on her other qualities. Maybe she doesn’t know how to cook or pamper kids. How would you now stay with her? You can’t live your whole life just by looking at her face. This will end your love for her because the reason or the greed of getting that beautiful girl in your life has died. You have over consumed it.

Now, suppose you married a girl who is average from outside but grounded from inside. A girl who has got things to do. A girl who is busy and have things in her own life. What will happen if you marry this girl? You will start loving her more because she isn’t too available. She knows how to do things and how to run the marriage life. You both go on vacation and spend quality time there. This will not end your love because you both are busy in your own lives so you both don’t get time to show love almost always which is what most does.

Look, in first case, I was talking about dependent relationship. Where both of the partner come together to fulfill there needs. When that need is filled, they don’t get reason to stay together and that’s why Love ends there.

In the second case, I was talking about interdependent relationship. Where both of the partners, who are busy with their own life and are working towards something, comes together and work in sync. It’s like having two dancers who can dance very well alone but when they come together, they learn, sync, practice, fall, and dance very well with each other. Here, love doesn’t end because this relationship is all about giving love. They both give love without expecting it. Why? Because they want it but don’t need it. For them, love is not the only reason to live for.

Today, people are just trying to fulfill their needs by coming into relationships. They take it very casually but it isn’t. Relationship is something that we all should learn about. We should not take it for granted if we want a happy marriage life.

People should now work on their psychology and psychological needs which can’t be fulfilled. They should have a purpose and something to live for except a girl. We don’t come here for a fuckin’ girl, right? Our life means something. Once you understand this, you will start attracting girls because this is one of the points for being masculine.
We will talk about that later.

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