Hey guys!!! Jobs are something that everyone does for earning money. Even though it’s an essential part in our life, most people complain that jobs suck. I also used to think same but few days back, I joined some points and made a relation between your job and your love for job. So today, let’s find out why you don’t love your job in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Jobs are anything that you do regularly for earning money. We all know the frustration of late salaries, bad customers, overtimes, no promotions, boss’s criticism, bad co-workers etc. These are the things that make us angry often but these things are in every job and everyone face them but not everyone hate their job. So, what’s the real reason behind our hate towards our job?

I’ve written a blog on similar topic so give it a read before reading this one for better understanding. (How you can give 200% in your work) To find the reason of your hate towards your job, you have to see this on a bigger scale. Why do you do your job? Is it just for money? Well, most people do it for money and most people hate their job. The problem is that, we all do our work just for money. We do it only to pay our bills. If one day you get a lottery of 10 billion dollars, do you think you will work in any job? Think about this.

Jobs are not something we should do only for money. Your job should provide you an internal satisfaction. You should get a chance to show your authentic self in your job. You should get a chance to show your creativity in the job. You should be willing to put some extra hours in your job without returns. When you love your job, even if you get very little amount of money or your co-workers suck, you still feel happy because you are doing something that gives you a sense of happiness.

Jobs are not just a way of paying bills. You should do your job because you feel something towards it. You should be happy with the results of your work. Like, if you are a teacher, you should feel happy by teaching students not by your paycheck. Similarity, if you do the job of selling something, you should be happy by providing a great service to your customers.

If you get a chance to do your favourite job for low amount or a random job with high paycheck, what would you choose? You should go for 1st one because there you will be in your zone of genius.You spend your 35+ years in jobs so loving your job and doing your favourite job is really gonna help you in life.

Also, Most people don’t care of what their company is doing. Most people just do work in a company without even knowing what exactly their company is doing. When you don’t even know why you are doing the work you are doing, do you think you are going to be happy? Do you think you will provide value? Do you think you will love doing what you do if you only do it for money? If only money is the motivation?

I have seen people who do jobs just to earn money and they all are unsatisfied. It’s a huge problem these days. Most people don’t even know why they are doing their job. They don’t have any other motivation except money.

They have zero motivation about providing valuable service, doing work effectively, being totally attentive, benefitting the world with their work (even if it’s indirectly), showing their talents in their work, being authentic worker, etc. Most people just go, watch the clock until it shows the end of the day and come home.

You should be consciously aware about your job. What are you providing to the world? How is your or your company’s work affecting the world? How is your work affecting the world?

Do what you love to do. Where you express your authentic self. Where you show your creativity and talents. Even if you get less money, you will feel happy because at the end, what matters is the smile on your face not the money in your pocket. You should have multiple reasons for doing your job

Lastly, even your most loved jobs can sometimes feel very painful so don’t think that there is a job that will make you happy everytime. There is nothing like that. The point I am trying to make is that you should do your job with several motives. Your purpose should not just be money. If it is so, you will suffer and hate your job.

Yes, every job is painful at times and every job gives you time where you think to quit but on that time, what stops you is your motivation for your job. Why are you doing your job? The answer to this question will help you overcome every pain you will face in your job. This is what will give your happiness.

Also, you don’t need to have million dollars in your bank to be happy. You can minimise your lifestyle and survive on low amounts too if your work doesn’t provide enough money but gives your immense happiness. What you do as job should be something you would do even if you get 10 billion dollars. This is hard to understand but very important to follow in order to love your job.

To conclude:

1. Every job has problems but your “Reason” of doing that job is what determines your love towards your job.
2. People hate their jobs because they do them only to pay their bills.
3. To find whether you love your job or not, ask yourself “Will I do this job if I would get 10 Billion dollars?” Imagine it happening and feel the truth.
4. When you love your job, no problem bothers you in your workplace because you love doing what you do and you are getting paid for that.
5. You should be happy by the results you and your company is providing in your jobs.
6. You should have multiple reasons for doing your job.
7. Do your job in your zone of genius. In the field where you are master in order to love it.

Alright, this is it. These are all my views and they can be wrong at times so if you have any points, make sure to comment. Like this post and subscribe to our newsletter which is completely FREE. Love your work. This is Atul and you are Expeknow.

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