Hey guys!!! Most people live in a routine that they do not question and struggle untill the day they die. Most people just get stuck at a point in life. Where on the other hand, we have people who are highly successful and don’t stop anywhere. These are the people who keep going ahead in life no matter what is happening around them. These are actually the people who strategize. So, how does this work and why is it important? Today, let’s find why strategic thinking is important to go ahead in life in our favourite, Expeknow style!

Strategic thinking is a process of questioning, evaluation of assumption, investigation, information gathering, analysis, planning and finally action. It is setting goals and developing flexible long range plans to reach those goals based on careful analysis of internal and external environment.

If you will analys, you will get that all the successful people are highly strategic. Specially in the fields of Sports, Business and Military, there is a long history of strategic thinking. Talk to anyone who is in Sports, Business or Military, they will tell you how strategic they are. Personally, I believe that Military is much more strategic then any other thing because in a war, we lose people not money or trophies.

Now, I am telling you all this because some people don’t even know whether it exist or not (Including me). Suppose you are a general, standing on a battlefield in between of war. How would you behave? Would you make strategy to defeat the enemy or just send your troops without any plans. This ain’t a game. You will definitely make a strategy to win the war with least damage and resources because you have limited resources and troops.

Your life is just like that. You are on a battlefield running after some goals and trying to grab the opportunity without any plan. There are two types of people, one who work everyday but don’t know or evaluate the outcomes of thier actions and are kinda wishy-washy for thier ultimate goal and the other one are those who know exactly what they want in life but aren’t sure what to do to get there.

Both the situation can be handled by just making a strategy. Being strategic is the key to get what you want. Being strategic means thinking logically and deeply about the future. It means making a flexible plan to get what you want. If you strategize your life, you will take every step rationally. You will create your own destiny. I think this is what “Create you own destiny” means. Even if something bad happnes when you will follow your strategy, you will still be happy because you did what was in the plan. There won’t be any regret about “What if I would have done that…” Because this wasn’t a option. You did what you had to.

You should learn to take every step rationally with a motive. Learn to do this. Suppose you take every step rationally with a planning and purpose, what would your life be like if you will continue doing that for years. You will get massive success. This is how you can be productive as well as strategic about things. Don’t just go with the flow and your “Routine” if that doesn’t make any sense. Go take steps in a strategic way. You will be a massive result maker if only you can learn this skill.

You have got limited time, energy, money and will power. How you use it is all upto you. How you use it also defines who you are. Don’t think that if you don’t have any of these you ain’t got power. You can build every one of them. It just depends on how you use your existing resources. In a battlefield, a general gets only few resources and troops. He has the duty to use them at best. This is what you should be like. Be a general of your life using every single thing and opportunity to create results. Don’t just go with the flow. Create your own path even if that’s opposite to the flow.

Alright, this is it. I hope you got my point. You can search and study about how to make strategy because that’s a very big topic and needs a lot of time to learn. Like this blog, share it with poeple and lastly, subscribe to my newsletter. That really brings smile on my face. Be a strategic gamechanger. This is Atul and you are at, Expeknow.

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