Hey guys! Learning is easier these days. Now, you can get the best academy in your location or the best book for studies or best help for studies in a click. Now, you can even get ways to study easily, exercise effectively, influence easily, earn easily and so on. But, do we really apply the tips we get in those videos? Do we really apply what we learn in books? Today, let’s find the answers of these questions in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Our society, these days, is overflowing with knowledge. In this society, getting information of anything is possible. So, why do we fail to apply what we learn almost always? A simple answer to this question would be “We don’t give anything to learn them.”

It has been said that for learning or getting something from this universe, you will have to give something to this universe. The three important things you can give to this universe is your “Time, efforts and money“.

Think of this, When you watch a YouTube self help video, what do you give to this universe? You just give you 10 minutes because it doesn’t take efforts plus it’s free to watch. So, do you think you will be able to learn things this way?

Now, what will happen if you will give your 1 year studying one subject? You will surely learn how things work and you’ll even be master at it.

The problem with the youth now is that they don’t want to give anything and want to get everything possible. For learning anything, you will have to give your time,efforts and money. We all love free content like free books, videos, courses and so on. But, have you ever thought why you don’t actually learn from free materials?

The answer is simple. When you invest money somewhere, you get attached to that thing and try to get everything possible and make efforts to learn things. Same is applicable with time. When you give your time to someone, they become special to you. You try to stay with them and you get attached to them.

This thing is applicable with everything you learn. If you will put efforts, you will get results. If you won’t, you wouldn’t get results.

So, next time while learning something, try to learn from premium methods if possible, try to invest time, money and efforts and try not to go for free material.

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