Hey guys!!! Your identity is really complex. You are made up of years of observation. You didn’t learn everything about life and yourself in a day, it take years to understand who we are. Do you think that you are an introvert, shy, serious, dumb, fat, non humourous or unpopular guy? Well, we all are non of them. It’s just a self belief that makes us who we think we are. So today, let’s learn why you are not who you think you are in our favourite, Expeknow style!

You are not who you think you are because your identity is not static. You are not something that can be summed up in a word. All you do is always changeable. You can always choose to behave in a certain way. You are not who you think you are because all you are is a choice. You were something in past but now, in present, it’s your choice to either behave in the way you have behaved or behave in different way. If you will choose to behave in the way you have behaved, you will remain who you were but if you choose to behave in different way then you will be something else.

Do you think you are an introvert? Well, you are not. It’s just how you think you are. It’s just about your self-image. If you think you are an introvert, you are an introvert and if you think you are an extrovert, you will become an extrovert.

You are not your thoughts or your feelings. You are an observer. If you will look at your life, you will see that whatever you do now or have done before was an outcome of an observation of how things are. You are what you observe from people around you. Remember the four teachers of life? Read that blog here. In that blog, you will learn how and who change your life everyday.

You are not your yesterday. You are your present. At every moment of your life, you have the control to behave the way you want to behave. Do you want to be an extrovert or a popular guy? Start behaving that way. Do what those guys would do. Those guys are humourous, charming, have communication skills, have good social circle etc. Learn to work on these things from today and you will change your entire personality.

So, from today, don’t ever label yourself as an introvert, shy, unpopular, unintelligent or anything. You are not your yesterday. What you think you are is who you are. I read somewhere that a men has 3 personalities. One that he shows he is, one that he thinks he is and one that he actually is.

What you can control is second part. First one is totally garbage. You should merge all these three personalities and be your authentic self always. This is hard but not impossible. Even if you don’t want to do that, just try to remove the gap between 1 and 2. Who you show you are and who you think you are should be same. Don’t label yourself with any tag. You are not your past. Your past behaviours don’t define who you are.

To change your personality completely, you will have to choose how you want to behave in the coming moment. You are mostly running on autopilot that’s why you behave in a certain way and regret later of behaving that way. You will have to be conscious and always be ready to make a choice of how you should behave.

Every fault or whatever you don’t like about yourself exists only in your past. Your present and future is yet to come and you can always make a choice to make it better. So, why to focus on your faults if they only exist in past. You can change your entire personality in a moment. It just takes some actions. Some manual actions taken by you.

So, is your personality static? No. It keeps changing itself until the day you die. Can you change your personality? Yes. You definitely can. Is it gonna be easy? Well, no. If it would have been easy, everybody would have done it. It may take some time but the rewards you will get after enhancing your personality will be valuable. So, start investing in yourself because self investment is the best investment.

So, to conclude:

1. You are not a static personality. You change yourself until the day you die.
2. You become what you choose to become. All you were yesterday is gone. Now, you have the choice to either behave the same way or do something different
3. Deep down, you are actually an observer who observers how things work and learns it.
4. Start behaving the way your ideal self will behave and you will become your ideal self.
5. All your flaws and personality labels are in past. What you are and will be is not defined and you can change it anytime.
6. Learn to work on your self-image in order to fix your personality faults.
7. Take conscious control of your life and the way you behave.

Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you like it. Make sure to like this post and comment anything you have. Subscribe to my newsletter for getting these awesome blogs in your beautiful inbox. I’ll see you in next blog. You can always change yourself. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow!

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  1. A very well written post, full of honesty and strength. I find it very fair to leave a comment for you to know that someone has been inspired and moved by your writing.
    Hey, I am Ragazza, please don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. Cheers.

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