Hey guys! Anger is something that no one likes. A lot of people are struggling with anger issues. We think that being angry resolves situation, gives us a chance to speak and releases our emotion. But, this is a lie. Anger just breaks relationship. So today, let’s learn the reason behind your anger issues in our favorite, Expeknow style!

Anger can simply be defined as desire to oppose something you dislike or disagree with. If you get angry on daily basis on small things like, in a traffic, on behavior of your partner, on your coworkers, when someone overtakes you etc. then you must understand that there is a problem inside you.

Before I get to that point, I would like to tell you the secret behind your anger. The thing that I am gonna tell you, might not make sense now, but it will make sense once you think about it deeper. So, here is the cause of your anger problems. “You have made some beliefs of how the world or situation should work. When you see someone not fulfilling those beliefs, you get angry on them without even realising that the other person would be having other beliefs.”

Like, suppose you have a belief that people should never shout on someone. Now, when someone will shout at you, you will be angry on them. This is same with every condition. You have a belief that no one should overtake someone. Now, when someone does that, you feel angry. This is the cause of 80-90% of anger issues. So, what’s the solution?

The solution for this problem would be to be curious about it. Whenever you feel angry on someone for any reason, ask yourself “Have I done anything like that in my past?” You will get several situations where you would have done the same. Now, think about why did you do that? What was the reason? And now, you will understand that the other person would also have done the same because of some reasons. This will give you awareness of your anger problems. The reasons may not be the same or maybe there would be a foolish reason in reality, but it won’t bother you because you have another reason.

It’s like, suppose a car just overtook me. I am angry but suddenly I started to think that maybe the car would be having a sick baby, an argent meeting or another important stuff. In reality, maybe the car driver was just a little teenager showing off. Who cares? I gave my mind a reason to not be angry. This is what you all should do.

Look, there isn’t a quick tip for getting rid of anger. You have to take a long path. You will have to go on a journey to discover the root cause of your anger. You will have to find the root cause of your anger. This is done by a lot of self discovery. If you want to do that, I would suggest you to search about it on google.

This is it guys. I hope you like it. Like this post for me. Subscribe to my newsletter because it is free. I will see you in my next blog. This is Atul and you are at Expeknow.

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