Your feelings are produced by your brain and your moods are generated by your feelings. Your mood is your day creater. Your moods can either make your day best or the worst. At a point we can also say that our attitude towards life and our beliefs decide whether we would be happy or sad. So let’s discuss something about your MOODS.

‌Your moods are not constent. They changes according to your vision and your beliefs and attitude towards something. Suppose it’s night and you are fully tired. You came in your home to take some rest and sleep. Now, your boss called you and gave an important project to finish till the morning. How would you feel in this situation? I am damn sure that you will feel angry and frustrated after getting this work (even I would feel same). You will try to hit someone badly or probably kill your boss. This is what we call a low mood. After getting this work you will make nasty comments on your boss, your enemies and anyone else who tries to disturb of bother you. In this situation only negative thoughts will pop up in your mind. You will try to insult everyone who will make mistakes. You will not even talk to someone with politeness. You will even shout on people and so on. These are some of the results of your low mood.

‌Now, let’s take another example. Suppose, you have just got your salary and promotion. You are happy and just going to buy your favourite car but suddenly you got to know that you have won your favourite car in a lottery. Now, tell me how will you feel in this situation? You would feel very happy. This is what we call a high mood. You will be filled with contentment. You will try to talk to everyone. You would not even complaint for anything. You would find good side of everyone. You would forgive everyone for thier mistakes and so on. These are the results of your high mood.

‌Now, you may see that these two things are totally opposite to each other. These two moods can either make your day best or make it worst. Your low mood is badly dangerous for you, your health, relationship, communication skill and your respect. On the other hand, having a high mood can fill your day with happiness, can make your relationship more strong, can add politeness in your communication skill and can increase your respect in others.

‌I hope you have got what the low and high mood is. Now, having a high mood can sometimes be difficult but not impossible. It’s just upon your next step that determines whether you are headed towards low mood or high mood. Let’s discuss this in given example.

‌Suppose you wake up late today. You have a very important meeting. You are already late and suddenly your wife is saying you to leave your son in school. The way you are going to react here will determine your mood level and your whole day. There are two reactions that can be made.

‌First, you would shout on your wife and your wife will shout on you. You will start to do things faster and maybe you will break some of your things. You won’t even think about your child. Here your day will begin with frustration and anger.

‌‌Second, you know you are late so you first freshed yourself faster and wore your uniform. You just stay calm and with calmness and a cute genuine smile you told the whole situation to your wife and at last you said “Thank you for everything you have done for me. Just help me today as like everyday.” And gave her a small kiss. Now, it doesn’t matter whether your boy goes to school or not, whether you reach early or late, you will feel happy and begin your day with happiness. Trust me your wife will not beat you. Your wife will also feel very happy.

‌This is the power of your attitude and power of taking decision. It’s always upon you what to do or what to not do. Your little efforts to stay calm and say things with a smile or deny with smile could let you feel contentment. Even if the second person rejectes, you would have a feeling of contentment and trust me, these are the situations that determine whether the second person is your true friend or not.

‌ Feel the happiness always as the part of your life. Feel the happiness that doesn’t come with some object. Whenever you feel the low mood stay calm and try to see the good side. In your low mood, if you have said something bad to someone go and say sorry to that person. Explain him/her that you were in a low mood. It may not make them happy sometimes but you will feel happy and that’s what you deserve. Always try to be happy no matter what. Feeling of happiness is very important for you. Always stay in high mood and never forget YOU ARE AS HAPPY AS YOU THINK YOU ARE.

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